Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma

Ongoing Story - 

"Jetha Lal is upset to fail to provide Babita's favorite chocolate. Now he is search for her favorite Choco Moco Chocolate to please her and impress her"

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is an Indian sitcom that airs on SAB Tv. The show initial aired on July 28, 2008 and is produced by Neela Telefilms. The show and its title are according to the column Duniya Ne Oondha Chashmah which loosely translates to "Seeing The Globe Via Upside-Down glasses" written by columnist and journalist Taarak Mehta for the Gujarati weekly magazine Chitralekha. The air-time from the show is from Monday to Friday at 8.30 p.m IST.

In August 2010, the show beat Colors TV's popular serial Balika Vadhu. It has often been noted for its frequent references to issues of social importance within the country and its positive method towards the problems faced from the society. Lauded performances by its lead and supporting actors alike have also contributed in making the show a success. On February 6, 2012, the show completed 800 episodes.


The serial is based on the happenings of Gokuldham Society and the day-to-day life of its members. The Gokuldham society is really a mix of India's social fabric in Goregaon, Mumbai. Within the society reside Gujaratis, Marathis, Punjabis, Biharis, South Indians, Bengalis, Parsis in harmony.

The story primarily revolves around Jethalal Champaklal Gada and his loved ones. Gada family is Kutchi-Gujarati Jain. Jethalal is a successful businessman and runs an electronic shop "Gada Electronics" in Andheri, Mumbai. He is educated till class 10 only and cannot speak English properly. Often you will find problems in his life and can't live for 1 day happily. Jethalal also has a innocent crush on Babita, who is wife of Krishnan Iyer. 

His wife, Daya Jethalal Gada, is an uneducated, my-family-is-everything kind of woman, who's a class 7 graduate. She always plays "Garba" and individuals contact her "Garba Queen". She is from Ahmedabad. She usually on telephone with her mother keeps Jethalal's funny names. She calls Jethalal as "Tapu Ke Papa" and herself as "Daya Tapu Ke Papa Gada", as she thinks it's sin to take husband's name. Jethalal frequently scolds her and says her "non sense". But, Jethalal and Daya enjoy one another and can do something for each other.


Dilip Joshi                               -        Jethalal Champaklal Gada
Disha Vakani                            -        Daya Jethalal Gada
Bhavya Gandhi                         -        Tipendra Jethalal Gada a.k.a. Tapu
Amit Bhatt                               -        Champaklal Jayantilal Gada
Shailesh Lodha                        -        Taarak Mehta
Shweta Bhosle                         -        Anjali Taarak Mehta
Mandar Chandwadkar              -        Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide
Sonalika Joshi                          -       Madhavi Aatmaram Bhide
Jheel Mehta                             -        Sonu Aatmaram Bhide
Gurucharan Singh                    -        Roshan Singh Ajit Singh Sodhi
Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal       -        Roshan Kaur Roshan Singh Sodhi
Samay Shah                              -       Gurucharan Singh Roshan Singh Sodhi a.k.a. Gogi
Tanuj Mahashabde                   -       Krishnan Subramaniam Iyer
Moonmoon Dutta                   -        Babita Krishnan Iyer
Nirmal Soni / Azad Kavi         -       Dr. Hansraj Hathi
Ambika Ranjankar                   -       Komal Hansraj Hathi
Kush Shah                                -       Goli Hansraj Hathi
Ghanashyam Nayak                 -       Natwarlal Prabhashankar Udaywala a.k.a. Nattu Kaka
Tanmay Vekaria                       -        Bageshwar Dadukh Udaywala a.k.a. Baga
Mayur Vakani                          -        Sundarlal a.k.a. Sundar
Shyam Pathak                          -       Patrakar Popatlal Pandey
Priya Ahuja / Nidhi                 -       Rita Shrivastav a.k.a. Rita Reporter
Sharad Sankla                          -       Abdul
Tarun Uppal                            -        Pinku Diwan
Dayashankar Pandey              -        Inspector Chalu Pandey
Anil Yadav                               -        Matka King Mohanlal